The FCC Just Killed Net Neutrality Comments

Steven's analogy to the postal service is the most apt in this video. The example of FedEx trying that would not work either because people who paid for 2 day services would be demanding their money back and it would be pasted all over the web and news outlets, and the market would correct itself again. Burger King's commercial is an attempt to educate and ignite the public to take action against the FCC, hoping that the public believes that they are fighting to keep the Internet free and open.

Since most people are limited by the number of ISPs in their area, these ISPs aren't subject to typical market competition. Sites are able to manage the internet and increase performance to provide better service to compete with competition. One example of Crowder using a non sequitur is where he hypoetchically applies Title II to content providers like YouTube.

But net neutrality advocates have sounded alarms that the repeal could give internet providers too much control over how online content is delivered. Meanwhile, other ISPs have increased their offerings to compete: Verizon and AT&T both recently announced plans to offer higher-speed Internet hookups for customers in select areas.

The reasons for that were to prevent government control of the web, and to let the content industry flourish. In the long run, Internet and technology companies, now FCC supplicants, will have to divert funds from new services and network design to fending off regulatory intrusions and negotiating with the Internet's new zoning board.

Remember this notorious quote regarding the equally notorious and equally hated Obamacare?: We have to pass it so that you can find out what's in it.” The same applied for the 300+ pages of regulations making up Net Neutrality- only very few people were privy to what the regulations actually do before it got passed.

Don't act as if AT&T charging for facetime is the only incident that occurred in regards to ISPs not being neutral on the net. Steven Crowder Net Neutrality Video This isp went out and got contracts with the big gaming companies like steam and blizzard and now they offer internet service where most of their server capacity or "pipe" is dedicated to these types of connections.

Removal of Net Neutrality can only hurt us and help ISPs. And it would suck, because they would have no incentive to improve it, since they could just pay off ISPs to whack any competition. This would essentially allow ISPs to provide a service more akin to cable television, where viewers are limited to whatever options ISPs provide.

As a thank you for making your purchase via our link, we will grant you free access to the Rothbard Repository , a keyword searchable database of Murray N. Rothbard lectures where you can identify time stamps where he discussed searched topics. It only prevents already established ISPs from regulating their customers Internet usage.

If an ISP decides to curate what you can access then they are deciding whose content you can access, not which of their own content you can access. There's also the issue of how isp's maintain any kind of monopoly which is a) regulations and b) net neutrality.

It would be crazy to think the FCC adopted these rules and will just to let them lie fallow if tomorrow's internet boogeyman is a non-ISP company. If these scumbags kill net neutrality, it's going to cost the working class big money and it will also prevent people from watching what they want, you will watch what big government wants you too.

They're how you Internet without people keeping logs (your ISP does), tracking your activity (everybody does), or carrying off your innocent data to the dark web or the Kremlin. And the fact that 83% of Americans agree with the net neutrality rules means that repealing them is going against the will of the people.

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