So you're just sitting down to edit your first video production? Easily drop markers onto your timeline and automatically place clips using Automate to Sequence. It would be better if you have a unique idea in mind before starting editing. Now it's time to cut out the crap, trim the beginning and endings of each clip and cut out all the unusable sh… Read More

Flood disasters can cause severe damages to lives and properties; nothing is spared in its paths as even landscapes are drastically affected as well. If you have more than a 100 square feet affected, you should consider calling a professional restoration company to help determine the spread of the water and aid in the cleanup process. Our advanced … Read More

HowDoo, a startup based on BlockChain technology, is a messaging and social media platform that aims to implement a different advertising model than traditional social media platforms. An ICO typically involves selling a new digital currency at a discount — or a token” — as part of a way for a company to raise money. A belief that's in direct… Read More

Kubernetes is an open source project which can run in many different environments, from laptops to high-availability multi-node clusters, from public clouds to on-premise deployments, from virtual machines to bare metal. Before you can run docker build or do anything else with Docker and Kubernetes, you'll need to install the tools for IBM Cloud, D… Read More

Bring the whole family to enjoy the amenities of the Ronald Kirk Bridge The play space is full of climbing blocks for kids to enjoy, while chess boards and a bocce court are available for those wanting to try a new game or challenge a friend. Careful attention was given to the aesthetics of the structure; Pennybacker Bridge is set to oxidize over … Read More